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2023 International Conference of Science Education in Taiwan(ASET 2023)


2023 International Conference of Science Education in Taiwan

Call for submission

“The VUCA World”, this futuristic term, is the theme of 2023 The 39th International Conference of Science Education in Taiwan. It alludes to a historical message entailed in the 40th conference next year, meaning the Age of No Doubts (according to Confucius).

VUCA is the abbreviation for the four words: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. The four words symbolize the fast-changing and uncertain world we live in today, and the critical circumstances we encounter now with worldwide critical issues, such as the Russo-Ukrainian War, COVID pandemic, and global climate change.

How to cultivate scientific and humanistic literacies for future generations and to empower them with competencies to thrive in tomorrow’s world; how to educate the next generation to make wiser decisions when encountering these complex global issues, are important imperatives in education nowadays, and in science education particularly.

Echoing the theme of “The VUCA World”, the conference keynote speech topics will revolve around Socioscientific Issues. In addition, the committee arranges multiple session formats, including invited forums, workshops, oral and poster presentations, to facilitate engagement, communication and discussion.

We hope that the conference can serve as a platform for sharing reflections and facilitating reflective discussions about how science education shapes people’s worldviews and how to cope with these perplexing and uncertain global challenges.

The conference calls for papers may include but not limited to the following broad topics related to science education:

1.Socio-Scientific Issues in Science Education

2.Environmental and Sustainability Science Education

3.History/Philosophy of Science, and Personal Epistemology in Science Education

4.STEM, and Emerging Technology Education

5.Popular science and science communication

6.Science/Mathematics Teaching and Learning

7.Science/Mathematics Teacher Education

8.Science/Mathematics Curriculum, Evaluation, and Assessment

9.Educational Technology and e-Learning

10.Culture, Social Interaction and Language in science education

11.Neuroscience research in Science and Mathematics Education

12.Science Communication and Public Scientific Literacy

Conferce websit https://aset2023.wordpress.com/

Information about the seminar:

Event name: 2023 International Conference of Science Education in Taiwan

Event time: December 7, 2012 (Thu) to December 9 (Saturday)

Submission period: from now until August 31

Venue: National Taiwan Normal University Gongguan Campus

Event website: https://aset2023.wordpress.com/

Contact us

Seminar Affairs:

Ms. Chen,Graduate Institute of Science Education, NTNU

Email: aset2023ntnu@gmail.com


Association of Science Education Affairs:

Ms. Cao ,Association of Science Education in Taiwan

Email: 2022aset35@gmail.com

Tel: (02)7749-6810

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