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Doctoral Students


National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Graduate Institute of Digital Learning and Education

Study Regulations for Doctoral Students

102.04.01 業務會議通過

105.05.30 業務會議通過

106.07.19 業務會議通過

106.09.18 業務會議通過

第一條  本辦法依據學位授予法及其施行細則、大學法及其施行細則訂定之。

Issues related to enrollment, course-taking, and examinations of doctoral students in our Institute are processed according to the Study Regulations of the University for Graduate Institutes and related rules of our Institute.


第二條  博士班研究生之修業年限為二至七年。

                The length of study for our doctoral program is from 2 years to 7 years.


第三條  博士班研究生畢業應修至少十八學分。

                Students are required to take at least 18 credits of courses.


第四條  本校第151次教務會議決議,自98學年度入學之研究生(不含外籍生與在職專班生)均應必修英文4學分(不包含於畢業之十八學分內),必修及其抵免相關規定如下:

                According to the 151th Teaching Affairs Meeting of our University, graduate students enrolled in 2009 academic year and after (not including international students or students in the on-the-job programs) must complete 4 credits of Required English course(s) (in addition to the previously mentioned 18 credits required for graduation).  The regulations for the taking and the exemption of the Required English course(s) are as follows:

一、   必修英文規定:從大學部共同必修英文課程或應外系開授之英文課程中,選擇四學分的英文課程作為必修學分。

Required English course(s): It is compulsory to take 4 credits of English course(s) from the Required English courses for undergraduate students or any English courses at Department of Applied Foreign Languages.

二、   抵免規定:若學生在入學前後通過全民英檢中級複試或參加「暑期英文密集班」獲得結業證書者,則可抵免必修英文4學分。

Course exemption: Students who have got the certificate of the 2nd stage of General English Proficiency Test (GEPT) Intermediate Level or the NTUST “Summer Intensive English course” before or after enrollment, can be exempted from Required English course(s).

三、   曾於英語系國家取得學位者或曾以英文發表論文、參加國際競賽,其英文能力經系所組成審查委員會審核通過者,可免修英文4學分

Individuals who received diploma from English speaking countries, had English oral presentation, or participated in international competitions could be exempted from Required English course(s), according to the approval of the institute.


第五條  博士班研究生之論文指導教授必須為本所專任教師,若因論文研究需要,得經所長同意,另選外所或外校教授一人為共同指導教授。

               The selection of a thesis title requires the approval from the thesis advisor. And the student should register the thesis title to the Institute Office. Only full-time professors at our Institute are qualified to be a thesis advisor. Due to research need, it is allowed to have a professor from other Institutes of NTUST or other Universities as the co-advisor, whose appointment requires the approval from our Chairperson.

第六條  博士班研究生確定論文指導教授後須向辦公室登記。指導教授之變更須經原指導教授、新任指導教授及所長同意。

               A student is under the instructions of his/her advisor in terms of the selection/revision of the thesis title and the writing of the thesis content. Changing advisors require a common consent among the original advisor, the new advisor, and the Chairperson.  And by mutual agreement between the original advisor and the new advisor, the thesis content should be completely changed.

第七條  博士班研究生博士學位資格考試之規定如下:

                The requirements of doctoral qualification are listed as follows:



Doctoral student has to pass the doctoral qualification within two years after enrollment.


一、 博士資格考試方式有二種,擇一完成:

The doctoral qualification can be fulfilled by one of the following two methods:


1、 學術論文發表:

Academic journal paper publication:


(1)   博士班研究生入學後二年內發表或被接受之論文,方得採計。

Journal paper(s) published or accepted within first two years after the enrollment can be applied for the qualification.


(2)   用於抵免的論文可為1篇SCI SSCITSSCIAHCI期刊論文,或2EI/Scopus期刊論文;作者排序除指導教授/共同指導教授外須為第一作者,並檢附已刊登之論文或論文接受證明。

The requirement for the number of published papers: At least one paper published in SCI, SSCI, TSSCI, or AHCI journals, or at least two papers in EI or Scopus journals. The first author of the published paper should be the student or his/her advisor/co-advisor while the student is the secondary author.


2、 筆試:

Written Examination:


(1)   考試科目包括研究方法和數位學習二科目,可分次完成,各科以B-(七十分)為及格,各科得重考一次。

The subjects of the Written Examination include “Research Methods” and “Digital Learning”. Students can take one subject at each semester. The passing mark is 70 (B-). The examination of each subject may be retaken only once.


(2)   每年舉辦二次,各次應考之博士班研究生應依辦公室公告之日期及考試科目,事先向辦公室提出申請。

     The Qualification Examination is held twice each year. Doctoral student will have to abide by the scheduled time and subject and apply for the examination prior to it.


(3)   各科命題委員及命題方式由博士班資格考試委員會決定。博士班資格考試委員至少5人,委員會組成由所務會議討論決定。

The Written Exam Committee is composed of at least 5 committee members selected by the institute affair meeting members.


二、 博士班研究生通過博士學位資格考試後,方取得博士候選人資格。

Those who passed the qualification are qualified doctoral candidates.

第八條  博士班研究生博士論文計畫考試之規定如下:

                The requirements of the Doctoral Dissertation Examination are listed as follows:

一、 申請資格:通過博士學位資格考之博士班研究生。

Qualification: doctoral candidates.


二、 學術論文發表:第一作者身分(排除指導教授外)SCISSCITSSCIAHCI之期刊發表學術論文至少一篇,並檢附已刊登之論文或論文接受證明。資格考發表之論文不得採計。

Academic Journal Papers: At least one paper published as the first author (other than his/her adviser) in SCI, SSCI, TSSCI or AHCI journals. Provide the approval of publishing paper or acceptance letter for the paper. Paper(s) applied for the doctoral qualification cannot be submitted here.


三、 參加國際研討會:至少參加一場國際學術研討會並以英文口頭報告之形式發表論文。

International Conference: Participated at least one international conference and oral presented a paper in English.

第九條  博士學位考試之規定如下:

                The regulation for the Doctoral Dissertation Examination is listed as follows:

一、 考試時程:第一學期為十月到十二月,第二學期為四月到六月。

Time: From October to December for the first semester, and from April to June for the second semester.


二、 申請資格:


1、  通過博士論文計畫考試之博士候選人

Doctoral candidate who has passed the doctoral qualification

2、  符合修業規定並修畢規定之科目與學分

Fulfilled all the required courses and credits.

3、  已完成論文初稿

Finished dissertation draft.


三、 申請文件:  

Document required:

1、  博士學位論文考試申請書

Application of Doctoral Dissertation Examination

2、  歷年成績單一份

A copy of transcript though the whole study years

3、  論文初稿及其提要各一份

A copy of dissertation draft and abstract

4、  指導教授推薦函

A recommendation letter from dissertation adviser(s)

5、  學位考試委員名冊

A list of Degree Examination Committee members

第十條  博士學位論文口試委員會由委員五至七人組成,校外委員須三分之一()



Thesis Oral Exam Committee is composed of 5-7 Committee members, among them at least one third should be external members. The selection of the members is decided by the Chairperson after consulting with the thesis advisor, and then request for the appointment from the principle of the NTUST.

第十一條  博士班研究生學位考試成績不及格而其修業年限尚未屆滿者,得於次學期或次學年重考,重考以一次為限;重考成績仍不及格者,依學則規定應令退學。

                   For a doctoral student who fails in the Dissertation Oral Final Examination, if his study time has not exceeded the maximum length of study, the student could apply again the Dissertation Oral Final Examination in next semester or in next academic year. Those who fail on the second time will be asked to expel from the school.


第十二條  本規定若有未盡事宜,悉依本校學則及有關規章辦理。

Any issues not covered by the above regulations are subject to related laws and regulations of Ministry of Education and regulations of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

第十三條  本規定經數位所所務會議通過後實施,修正時亦同。

These regulations might be revised to meet the needs of education and research development of our Institute. The effective date and audience coverage of any revisions approved by the Institute Affairs Meeting should be processed according to the resolutions by the Meeting.

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