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無標題文件 1. Library Journals

The library resource currently provides 222,725 volumes of Chinese and Japanese books, which are divided as follows: 5,226 volumes in the Education section, 3,829 volumes in the Psychology section, 2,859 volumes the Learning section, 23,648 volumes in the Teaching section, totaling 35,562 volumes, whereas the number of books in English comprise 87,985 volumes, of which 4,618 volumes are in the Education section, 1,268 volumes are in the Psychology section, 3,567 volumes are in the Learning section, and 2,971 volumes are in the Teaching section, totaling 12,424 volumes.

Regarding the journal resource section, our library collected 910 types of Chinese and Japanese Journals, totaling 16,619 bound volumes and 2,359 types of Western Journals, of which there are 53,808 bound volumes.

Chinese Books

Western Books

Chinese Journals

Western Journal

35,562 volumes
12,424 volumes
910 types
2,359 types

2. Software list

Software list
SPSS 14.0 25(network version) Only for institute students
SPSS20.0 10(network version) T4-401
Sim Magic 3(Uniprocessor Version) T4-401
Adobe Creative Suite 6(Chinese version) 3sets
-Photoshop CS6 Extended
-Illustrator CS6
-InDesign CS6
-Dreamweaver CS6
-FlashR Professional CS6
-FireworksR CS6
-AcrobatR X Pro
-Bridge CS6
-Media Encoder CS6


Chinese version 3 sets
( Uniprocessor Version)
English version 1 set
(Uniprocessor Version)




Adobe CS4.0
-Acrobat 9 pro
-Bridge CS4
-Contribute CS4
-Device Central CS4
-Dreamweaver CS4
-Flash CS4 Professional
-Firework CS4
-Illustrator CS4
-InDesign CS4
-PhotoShop CS4



20(Network version)



(Only for institute students)

Electronic Whiteboard Activity Studio 1 T4-401
Electronic Whiteboard Smart board 1 T4-401