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Digital Content and System Design

The rapid advance and popularity of computer and information technology has led to vigorous growth of digital learning industry. For both school education and corporate training, digital content design and learning system implementation play a vital role. To successfully developing digital content and learning systems, digital learning industries not only require workers with technical and art professionals, but also need talents who have solid theoretic background and skills in developing digital content and learning systems.

One of the educational objectives of this graduate institute is to foster our students to become excelled at designing digital content and learning systems. Therefore, we focus on cultivating those students who have education-related backgrounds with professional foundations in digital content and learning systems as well as preliminary experiences in design and implementations.

This track of educational objective also emphasizes the development of cross-field communication abilities. We aim to foster future researchers, project managers or industrial coordinators who can design and implement quality digital content or learning environments that are aligned with contemporary learning theories. Our planned curriculum in this track includes digital content design, e-learning system design, creative multimedia design, online inquiry learning, network-based multimedia applications, network-based psychology and related areas.