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Digital Traning and Adult Learning

With the advent of digital learning program applied into the adult learning arenas, our program has been designed to support background knowledge about human resources development and adult learning for our students to bridge the two domains of our program: digital technology and learning sciences. Faculty research interests include adult learning patterns, industrial psychology, human resource management and development, in-service training and issues related to information society. Courses provided include Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development, Adult Learning and Development, Training and Development, Organizational Behaviour and Development, Psychology in Management, Information Sociology, and Digital Divide. We also encourage students to engage in the internships during their master studies to gain practical knowledge. The program graduates will integrate their professional training in technology into program designs, including multi-media designs, curriculum designs and training skills, into coperate capital development. Potential career choices for our graduates will also be expanded to those non-traditional education institutes such as coperate training, community colleges, community development, and human resource management.