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E-Learning Psychology and Strategy

With the advent of digital era, e-learning has become an important way to promote learning. Our program provides various courses to promote a better understanding of e-learning from psychological perspectives. These courses consist of both fundamental learning theories, including "Psychology of Learning", "Advanced Cognitive Psychology", and "Motivation and Learning", as well as current issues in E-learning, such as "Psychology of e-learning", " Internet Psychology" , " The Study of E-learning ", " E-learning Strategy " , " On-line Inquiry Learning " , " E-learning Research Issue and Experimental design " , and etc. Our faculty has strived to explore the factors influencing e-learning, such as individual characteristics, e-learning strategies and behaviors, and environmental influences. Most research conducted has placed particular emphasis on motivation, learning attitude, cognitive styles, on-line learning searching, cognitive strategies, peer feedback and CSCL. It is believed that our courses and research training should help students acquire in-depth understanding in applying psychology and strategies in e-learning environment, which will enrich their academic capability to further their career as researchers or e-learning designers.