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Teaching Centre





Office environment

We are located in the fourth Teaching Building on the sixth floor. We provide an excellent research environment, computers, and teaching equipment. To encourage student-peer exchange in learning, students are encouraged to use the discussion tables with a Wi-Fi network in the public space.

Students Research Center

Two student laboratories are available, and both provide public computer access for students. A computer is assigned to each graduate, and vice versa. Each laboratory has a printer and network equipment for graduates to process research data and search for relevant academic information.

Eye Movement Laboratory

The eye movement laboratory space still requires planning for related equipment that tracks two types of eye movements—Seeing Machine's FaceLAB and ASL's Mobile Eye—and it is associated with data collection software to facilitate the dynamic experiments performed on the eyes by our teachers in relation to research and teaching.

Multifunction computer classroom

The multifunction computer classroom (is equipped with a multimedia lectern, 20 computers, an electronic whiteboard, a projector, microphones, and amplification devices, to provide well-equipped teaching and learning facilities. Each computer runs specialized statistical software and multimedia Web design software, providing instructors with professional software for teaching. Classrooms are equipped with electronic whiteboards to facilitate interactions between teachers and students.

Multifunctional classrooms provide computer-related environment for teaching, as well as offering teachers and students a space to meet or to conduct group discussions. Flexible space planning is conducive to teaching when group discussions and computer access are simultaneously implemented. In addition, the Center for Teacher Education Program can also conduct related courses for testing and observation as a discussion room.